Free Recommended Tools

Here at Security in Check we use the latest and greatest antivirus software available for the public through our partners at Sophos. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to most effectively protect your users while also ensuring productivity. Even zero-day exploits can be prevented using our heartbeat monitoring system on all protected machines so that if one goes down, the other systems are not affected! Check out our video below on how the system works:



A firewall shouldn’t just block intruders, but should also adapt to new threats and varying circumstances. Our integrated hardware firewall solutions adapt to new threats and work alongside our antivirus to create effective layered security. This powerful next-generation firewall is powered by deep learning technology and thinks like an administrator when monitoring security policies. Keep yourself secure and contact us for a free consultation!

Reacting to attacks is not enough and our company strives to prevent them before they occur. Our integrated solutions provide intrusion prevention at every level of security! We use physical barriers, detection systems, software services, policies, and regular audits in order to prevent an intrusion. All firewalls integrate with end-point protection software in order to facilitate a controlled environment where services, activity, and traffic are monitored at all levels. Using the next-generation Intercept X engine, our firewalls prevent malware and ransomware even from internal agents. Policies are enforced automatically to user-groups and our physical installation of barriers to digital media prevent intruders from accessing confidential information. Don’t simply react to an attack, contact us for a free security consultation!

Increase your management task with our IAM (Identity Access Management) solution! Be productive with automated triggers and learning technology in creating complex organizations and their permissions in a simple way. Our solution lets you manage large groups with ease, resetting passwords, implementing security policies among users and groups, and easily integrates with active directory and Kerberos. Make your management task easier and contact us for a free consultation!

Secure your data with encrypted incremental backups stored in the Cloud! We offer top of the line solutions to simple task such as backups, fail-over drives, and encrypting files using strict standards. Don’t lose your data and contact us for a free consultation!

Ensure confidentiality by encrpytion your files and communcations through us! We offer end-to-end encryption service setups that meet your needs! Whether it be email, text, documents, traffic, or applications we encrypt it all for you! Contact us now for a free consulation!

At the moment we support solely Office365 and through our Google partner at Lemacks Media, we offer comprehensive email solutions through GSuite! These  services can integrate with your current website domain or you can purchase a custom name. All email is secure and meets compliance requirements. Contact us now for a free consultation!

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Keeping all your communication encrypted and confidential is important! We suggest using the following free products:

Apps: Whatsapp, Telegram, & Signal

Tools: PGP, Veracrypt


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Don’t let yourself get hacked when their are some free tools to reduce the likelihood! Use these to increase your security posture:

Signature Sites: &

Tools: Clamav (free antivirus for servers), Sophos Home Trial


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Keep informed about breaches that may affect your account:

Sites: and



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Keep nasty ads, Trojans, and pop-ups away by using our recommended extensions!

Browser extensions: Adblock Plus, Ublock Origin, & Privacy Badger,

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